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If you are looking for transporting 10 passengers or more a 10 seater van is maybe the best option.


Wagon cars can carry up to 8 passengers and some SUVs carry up to 9 passengers. Those who need to carry 10 passengers or more will have to look for a van. But what kind of vehicle are we talking about and what are the assets of such van?


Background of passenger vans

Vans carrying 10 persons or more are mostly used by companies or non-profit organization to carry clients, employees or any kind of group. They are bigger than Wagon type but still smaller than buses or minibuses which make them easy to drive. They are commonly used in all countries but they are preferred in places were terrain or roads are rough. Don’t be surprised to see vans as the only way of commuting large groups on tracks, where roads are in bad shape or with too much mud which will make driving buses too dangerous.

You can find 10 passengers vans or more from many famous car manufacturer such as Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC… Each country has its favorite model and it depends mostly on local or neighbor car manufacturers. The Toyota Hiace Wagon or Hiace Commuter for instance are definitely preferred in Philippines, Japan, Australia or Thailand. You will mostly see Chevrolet, Ford or GMC vans in the US and Mercedes-Benz vans in Europe, no surprise about that.

Pros and cons of a 10 seater van


  • High Manoeuvrability…
    • Can drive on many terrains
    • Smaller than minibuses and buses
  • No need of a specific license for most countries
  • Carry 10 to 15 passengers depending on model
  • Good versatility: remove seat and use it the way you want (how about a camper?)


  • …But can be difficult to get used to it at least for the first hour if you drive it for the first time
  • Contrary to the 9 seater SUV you will avoid the roughest trucks (too much mud…)
  • Not a great fit for personal use (except for the Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana that look more like passenger cars than utility vehicles)


Reliable models for transporting 10 passengers or more

Below is a list of van models that carry 10 passengers:

All the vans listed above

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So if you need to transport 10 persons or more, don’t be afraid of the 10 seater van. Its high reliability and ease of use will help you to carry your folks wherever you want. If it is for a professional use, all the models listed above will be great be if you intend to buy a personal use car, then only Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana would be a good fit. You mostly don’t need a specific license to drive them so don’t hesitate to buy or rent one at the occasion!

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Drive safe

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