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Engine Focus 2

The 2KD engine was made for those doing long drives on a daily base.


The 2KD engine is made by Toyota and belongs to the KD engine family that was initiated in year 2000. It started with the 1KD-FTV, a 2982cc engine released in 2000 and soon followed by the 2KD-FTV with 2494cc in 2001.



Displacement is the same as for the 2L engine manufactured by Toyota. It is a DOHC engine for Dual Overhead Camshaft with 16 valves. 2 camshafts are in the cylinder head (one for intake valves and one for exhaust valves). Valvetrain inertia is then reduced. The engine is using the common rail direct fuel injection with the D-4D Common Rail. In 2005, the 3rd generation of common rail system was introduced featuring very high injection pressure in order to make it a clean diesel engine.

Running 2KD-FTV

What makes it great

First of all, as any Toyota diesel engine, you can be sure to use it with high efficiency for a very long time. In Japan, it isn’t rare to see a Hiace Commuter with this engine and the odometer showing almost 600.000km. Some drivers use it till 800.000km and more. With its plastic cylinder head cover, noise is reduced which is highly appreciated for long drives. Furthermore, since 2005 and the 3rd generation or common rail system, engine has reduced emissions which is a great fit for countries with tight regulation on particle emissions. Finally, as many buyers already chose this engine, you can enjoy a high amount of parts, repair manuals and tutorials available online so you will never lack of resources to make it run till the end of time!

On sale as a part

Models with a 2KD engine

Below is a list of models with the engine:

  • Hiace Commuter
    • KDH222B
    • KDH227B
  • Hiace Van
    • KDH200V
    • KDH200K
    • KDH205V
    • KDH205K
    • KDH220K
    • KDH225K
  • Hilux
  • Fortuner
  • Innova

Example of repair tutorial

Well if you are looking for something reliable, something durable that you can repair yourself it seems you found it. Even after very high mileage, that diesel engine won’t let you down! What you need to choose now is the type of car you will drive. Will you use that engine on a pick-up, a SUV or a Van? It all depends on your needs. If you are thinking about a van do not hesitate to check our last article about 10 seaters to get some more info about this car type.

And feel free to check the repair manual of Toyota Hilux 1KD/2KD for the diesel injection pump.


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Drive safe

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