Nippon Exports offers to its clients the possibility to divide payment in 2 half. The first half of the payment will have to be transferred 48h after invoice is issued and the second half of the payment will have to be transferred 48h after we send the BL copy. Payment process is detailed below:

After agreeing on a 50/50 payment we send a specific invoice to you mentioning half of the amount has to be paid at first. Please pay the amount indicated within 48h and send the bank transfer document to us by email or message.

After we confirm reception of the first half, we will start shipping process. At that time, we will be able to communicate the Estimated Date of Departure to you. You can then consider you will receive the BL Copy few days after that date. Make sure you have the amount ready to be transferred as this time will elapse quite fast.

We will send the BL Copy by email to you few days after Departure date. From that day, please arrange payment of the remaining half within 48h. You will have to respect that delay carefully as the vehicle will be on its way to destination port. After we confirm the total amount in our bank account, we will send the BL Original by DHL to your address.

Please be aware that any delay in payment of the second half could cause:

  • Delay in sending BL Original, meaning storage for you at arrival port
  • Loss of your right on the vehicle with cancellation fee charged to you

So remember to be prompt.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.