We can get cars & parts in stock and supply them following your demand

All types of cars are available in Japan. Parts for cars, trucks, motorbikes and boats are also waiting for you. Sourcing is done at local dealer’s place, in the Japanese auction places and with individual Japanese re-sellers too. As an exporter cannot have all of them in stock, you should not hesitate to ask all the types of vehicles and parts you need. We can quickly find it with pictures, details and price directly from one of our many suppliers.

Please check below how to proceed:


Please prepare all necessary information our team will need.

If you want a specific vehicle, please make sure you know about the model & model code, year, mileage, transmission, fuel and any other additional feature you look for. Please think about your budget for this vehicle you are looking for. This budget will be considered for a price including delivery to your port.

If you want a specific part, please make sure you know the model, part name, code (if there is) and target price. This target price will consider delivery included.

When you have all the information about the vehicle or part you want, please contact us and give us all details.

You can fill the contact form below…

… or use one of these contact details:

e-mail: contact@nipponexport.com

Phone: +81 80-3317-1801

Fax: +81-03-4496-4574

Skype: Nippon Export

Whatsapp: +81 80-3317-1801

Viber: +81 80-3317-1801

Our team will let you know all information about available offers with details, pictures and price. Please check your phone and/or computer often as products are usually available for a short period of time only. From this point we will ask you to take a decision about the product that was introduced to you. Negotiation is still possible.

Please inform us fast about your decision to buy or no. If you decide to go for it and buy the product we proposed to you, please stick to your decision and don’t change your mind while we will be on the procurement or shipping phase. The next steps are same as any other purchase so we invite you to check how we ship to understand the full process.